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Distribution Transformer Test System (DTTS) - Overview

Distribution transformers are "mass production equipment"; high testing-throughout is a must without compromising quality. Haefely's DTTS aims at a highly automated test procedure using well-prepared sequences and minimal manual intervention to keep the test duration of a single transformer as short as possible and to avoid human errors.

Their Distribution Transformer Test Systems (DTTS) has been designed with these requirements in mind, as a multifunctional tool for testing distribution transformers. All supported tests are performed in conformity with IEC, IEEE/ANSI and GOST. Focus is on flexibility and maximum testing through-put, while ensuring quality, continuing Haefely's philosophy of more than 100 years.

Distribution Transformer Test System (DTTS)

Features and Benefits
  • Integrates all routine tests within one unique system.
  • Fulfills all international standards (IEC, IEEE/ANSI and GOST).
  • Reduced testing time.
  • Plug and Play.
  • Centralized controlling and reporting.
  • Easy integration into existing production lines.
  • Powerful operating software with intuitive interface and automated
    test sequences.
  • Testing Capability:
    - High Voltage side: 6kV to 36kV
    - Low Voltage side: 110V to 2100V


  • Low Power Resistance, Turns Ratio, Insulation Resistance.
  • Dielectric Measurement: Applied Voltage, Induced Voltage.
  • Quality Measurements: No Load Loss, Partial Discharge, Heat Run.
  • Verify Performance.

Product Overview (click on above Datasheet for full details)

Transformer Power

DTTS 1-533 DTTS 3-500 DTTS 3-1600 DTTS 3-2500 DTTS 3-5000

1 Phase 533 kVA

2 Phase 500 kVA


3 Phase 1,000 kVA


3 Phase 1,600 kVA


3 Phase 2,500 kVA


3 Phase 5,000 kVA


Fulfills all routine tests AND heat run
o Fulfills all routine tests

The DTTS is capable of testing both dry and oil immersed distribution transformers.

It is unique in the market, integrating all routine tests within one compact system. The Distribution Transformer Test System is a complete turnkey solution assuring the customer 100% satisfaction.

The DTTS is capable of testing both dry and oil immersed distribution transformers.


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