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Partial Discharge Detector - Accessories


KAL 451 PD Calibrator

KAL 451

The KAL 451 is a battery powered PD calibrator for direct coupling of the generated PD signal to the test object according to the related standards IEC 60270, and IEEE 454. Pulse output ranges are 2 to 200pC and 20 to 2000pC. The pulse rise time is < 20ns

9216 PD Calibrator


The 9216 is a small battery powered PD calibrator for direct coupling of the generated PD signal to the test object according to the related standards IEC 60270 and IEEE 455. Pulse output ranges are 10pC, 100pC, 1,000pC, 10,000pC

KAL9530 RIV Calibrator

KAL 9530

The RIV calibrator (KAL 9530) includes a signal generator, RIV calibration set, clamp and switching unit for calibration as per ANSI and NEMA standard.


PD Simulators

753-US PD Simulator


The Miniature Partial Discharge Simulator is a compact, battery operated discharge simulator. It injects a known multiple pulse PD signal into a PD test circuit to allow verification of calibration. The unit also incorporates a fine frequency control for synchronizing to a multiple of the mains frequency.


Measuring Impedances

AKV 9310 Universal Coupling Impedance

AKV 9310

Passive universal coupling impedance - Compact impedance fully passive with enhanced sensitivity.

AKV9330 Capacitors Optimized Coupling Impedance

AKV 9330

Capacitors optimized coupling impedance - Active measuring impedance optimized for Partial Discharge testing of power capacitor as per IEC 60270. It is rated for 300 amps

AQ9110a Passive Quadripole

AQS 9110a

The AQS 9110a Passive quadripole is a fully configurable quadripole system optimized for PD and RIV measurement. It has a voltage divider low-arm fitted to it for voltage measurement.


Coupling Capacitors

9230 Coupling Capacitor


Coupling capacitor - Consists of a high voltage unit mounted on a mobile (with wheels) base frame and includes a suitable top electrode and a coupling impedance.

TK Series Coupling Capacitor

TK Series

The coupling capacitor / HV AC divider consists of 1 unit, built into a glass fibre reinforced epoxy tube. The top electrode allows partial discharge free. For PD measurements an appropriate coupling quadripole must be added.

PSF Power Separation Filter


PSF (Power Separation Filter) have high self resonant frequencies, high stability and low partial discharge levels. They are mounted on a base with a suitable top electrode and low voltage arm.

Outputs are provided for PD detector input, overload sensing circuit, pulse mark (indicates zeros in an AC wave shape) and kilovoltmeter input. Not suitable for RIV measurements.



DDX9106A Multiplexer

DDX 9106a

3 in 1 manual multiplexer in a separate housing stackable with DDX 9121a. This includes the piloting software with full functional feature set, including 3D displays, analysis and reporting tools.


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