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X-WAVE Sectionalizing Primary Cable Fault Locator - Overview

Haefely Hipotronics' X-WAVE is the most safe, powerful, and advanced cable fault-locating tool on the market for sectionalizing Underground Residential Distribution (URD) loop feed installations. Combined with the Haefely Hipotronics Flash Phone, it makes fault location of URD cable systems simple.

This self-contained, battery and weather proof fault locator is equipped with a microprocessor based control system, as well as large push buttons for user-friendly operation. The emergency stop button, isolated return, and unique mechanical design ensure user safety.

The X-WAVE is specifically designed to shorten restoration time and increase productivity for a wide range of customers.


X-WAVE Sectionalizing Primary Cable Fault Locator

  • Automatic identification of key cable parameters (cable length and distance to fault).
  • Quick location of faults.
  • Accessible memory locations for internal trace storage.
  • Large LCD display designed with trans-reflective film for use in direct sunlight.
  • Automatic setup of sampling rate, gain and pulse width.
  • Intuitive, step-by-step instructions ensures ease of operation.
  • Large, easy-to-use push buttons.
  • Proof Tester 500V to 10kV DC variable output.


  • Safety - Isolated return and all front panel parts securely grounded for safe operation of the unit.
  • Multi-Purpose Devices - has ability to pre-locate, locate and diagnose cable fault.
  • Easy to Use - device walks user through test procedure; In 5 easy steps you've located the fault.
  • Serial Port - allows for waveform download and evaluation of test results.
  • Reduce Outage Time - by quickly locating cable faults you reduce outage time and get power back to your customer sooner.
  • Reduce Cable Damage - using a TDR reduces thumping and therefore damage to the cable.

Technical Specifications



500V to 10kV, 12.5mA maximum



160V, 50 Ohms


50 to 400nsec

Maximum Energy


Repetition Rate

6 seconds at maximum voltage

Sampling Rate



1% of total cable length

Cable Range

50ft to 10,000ft (15m to 3km)

Operational Modes

Arc Reflection (High Voltage TDR)

DC Hipot

Capacitive Discharge / Impulse (Thump)


Trans-Reflective, mono-chrome LCD monitor, 6.5-inches (165mm)


General Specifications

Power Supply (Battery)


24 Volt DC, Rechargeable



Minimum One (1) hour continuous use at maximum voltage

Operating Temperature

-22C to 50C (10F to 122F)

Storage Temperature

-40C to 60C (-40F to 140F)


41.9cm (W) x 44.5cm (H) x 22.9cm (D)



Shipping Weight



Ordering Information

Haefely Hipotronics X-WAVE

 Primary Cable Fault Locator.
  • 24V DC Rechargeable battery.
  • Battery Charger 100/240V 50/60Hz and 1.8m power cable.
  • User's Manual.
  • Calibration Certificate.

Optional Accessories


Flash Phone, Digital Acoustic / Ballistic Listening Device


Extra Auxillary Battery Pack


Auxillary AC Power Adapter (allows users to run the equipment while charging simultaneously)


One year extended warranty


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