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EMC Test Equipment

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People are interacting with more electronic equipment than they have in the past. Things such as cell phones, computers, cars, utility meters, etc are being integrated with new electronic circuits every day. As companies develope this electronic equipment they will need to perform high voltage tests to ensure safety. reliability and robustness.

These tests are commonly known as classic EMC tests which are defined in industry standards such as IEC, EN, UL, ANSI and many more. Haefely Hipotronics provides test equipment to meet these industry standards.

Hipotronics ONYX

ESD - EMC Electrostatic Discharge Equip.

Hipotronics AXOS5

Compact Multi Tester

Hipotronics AXOS5 (EFT/BURST)

EFT/Burst Test System

Hipotronics AXOS5 (Surge)

Surge Test System

Hipotronics AXOS5 (Voltage Dips)

AC/DC Voltage Dips & Interrupts Test System


AXOS5 Expandable Test System


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