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Liquid Dielectric Testing Equipment

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Hipotronics OC Series of dielectric testing equipment accurately and reliably test the dielectric strength of insulating liquids used in a variety of electrical apparatus such as transformers and bushings or even hydraulic systems. The safe and easy operation plus options like fully automatic controls, digital memory kilovoltmeters, RS-232 communication, thermal strip printers, and models with up to 90KV AC output voltage have made the OC Series the industry standard for decades.

The OC Series is designed to meet testing specifications in all parts of the world and test cells are available for ASTM D877 (DE), ASTM D1816 (VDE) and IEC 156 standards in both manual and automatic testing sequences.

Hipotronics OC60D

Semi-Automatic 60KV AC Liquid Dielectric Test Set

Hipotronics OC60E

Fully-Automatic 60KV AC Liquid Dielectric Test Set

Hipotronics OC90D

Semi-Automatic 90KV AC Liquid Dielectric Test Set

The rugged yet lightweight and portable designs ensure years of trouble-free operation both in the field and in the laboratory.




OC60E Fully Automatic Liquid Dielectric Test Set

OC60E Fully Automatic Liquid Dielectric Test Set



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