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Power Factor Tester - Tan Delta

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Power factor testing is an important factor for determining the integrity of the insulation of electrical apparatus such as transformers, cable, capacitors, motors, etc. Detecting faulty insulation is a key to saving time and money. Hipotronics offers the 2840, and 2820a, C, L, & Tan Δ Power Factor Tester measuring bridges for the high precision measurements made in manufacturing and research facilities. Hipotronics can also provide standard capacitors and high voltage power supplies as a complete testing solution.

For periodic maintenance and inspection of electrical apparatus in the field, the MIDAS is a highly portable, complete testing solution. The all-in-one unit includes a high voltage power supply, long-term stable standard capacitor, and C, L, & Tan Delta measuring bridge.

Hipotronics 2820A

C, L, & Tan Delta Measuring Bridge

Hipotronics 2830/2831

Oil and Solid Dielectric Analyzer

Hipotronics 2840

High Precision C, L, & Tan Delta Measuring Bridge

Hipotronics 2883

MIDAS micro

Hipotronics 2903

Test Cell for Liquid Insulants

Hipotronics 2914

Test Cell for Solid Insulants

Hipotronics MIDAS

Mobile Insulation Diagnosis & Analyzing Systems


2830/2831 Oil & Solid Dielectric Analyzer

2830/2831 Oil & Solid Dielectric Analyzer


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