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Resonant Test System

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Testing insulation integrity is essential for all high voltage apparatus. Standard AC test systems have been able to provide a solution for some applications, but when certain apparatus have much higher voltage and current requirements a straight AC test system may not be sufficient. In order to limit input power requirements a resonant test system requires a capacitive test object and a variable core (variable reactor).

A resonant test system is designed with means to adjust the inductance to precisely compensate for the capacitance in the high voltage circuit thereby tuning the system to resonance. The main advantage to this is that very low (real) input power is required for large output (reactive) power.

Hipotronics MSR Series

Modular Resonant Series

Hipotronics TSR Series

Resonant Tank Series

Another solution which also has low input power requirements and high output power is a variable frequency series resonant test system. These systems are typically used for testing GIS or cable in the field since they are smaller in size than a variable core resonant system.

The variable frequency systems are tuned by frequency variation instead of changing the inductance of the test system.

MSR Resonant Test System

MSR Resonant Test System


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