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Secondary Service Power Restoration

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In the world of buried secondary cable, when a fault occurs you have a few options, dig it up and repair/replace it right away or run temporary secondary overhead or across the ground from the house next door.

What happens when there is no house next door? That's where the Hipotronics PT-30 comes in making secondary service power restoration simple, fast and safe.

Hipotronics PT-30

Secondary Service Power Restoration Unit

The PT-30 secondary service power restoration unit is designed to temporarily restore underground secondary service when one phase has failed and one phase remains, or if the neutral has been lost.

By connecting the PT-30 between the customer's meter socket and the meter, power can be immediately restored without having to locate and repair the cable fault with 30KVA of available restoration power (150 Amps). This allows for repair of the cable to be completed when schedule permits.


PT-30 Secondary Service Power Restoration Unit

PT-30 Secondary Service Power Restoration Unit


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