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Model BA100 Dielectric Oil Tester
Model BA100 Dielectric Oil Tester

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    BA75 Dielectric Oil Testing

The BA75 has a maximum output of 75kV, more than sufficient to meet almost all testing standards worldwide. This rugged, portable instrument is the smallest and lightest unit on the market with an integrated battery and carrying handle that makes it ideally suited for the field environment.

With a color, ultra-bright sunlight viewable Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), this unit is equally at home in the testing laboratory as is in the field. The intuitive, menu driven display, with built-in international testing sequences, allows the user to simply start a test cycle and the unit takes over and completes the test. Results are sent to an integrated printer for immediate hardcopy. In addition a PDF file can be created directly by the unit and stored onto a standard memory stick.

The supplied BA Control center software allows for the control of the instrument and for downloading of the test results via wireless link to a PC.

HV Diagnostics Model BA75 Dielectric Oil Testing Unit

  • Output Voltage: 0 to 75kVrms.
  • Easy to use, intuitive, menu driven display.
  • Ultra bright Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).
  • Scope display of voltage breakdown.
  • Direct, precise voltage and current measurement.
  • Ultrafast, low energy switch-off (<5Ás).
  • Viewable, screened HV test chamber.
  • Automatic PDF generation of results.
  • Integrated printer and temperature measurement.
  • Compatible with mineral, silicon, and ester based oils.
  • Pre-installed fully automatic standards.
  • User-programmable test sequences.
  • No nuisance error message.
  • Adjustable gap spacing mechanism on optional test cells.
  • Moisture  impervious test cell construction.
  • Low volume test cell available where applicable.
  • EMC shielding.
  • Multiple safety interlocks.
  • ATA approved transport / cases and test cells available _see options.

Electrical insulation oils often form the critical insulation medium for many types of electrical apparatus, such as transformers, circuit breakers, taps changers, cables, medical apparatus, bucket trucks etc. When this liquid insulation becomes compromised due to aging and or contamination, the electrical insulation properties can be negatively affected causing a potential insulation flashover, often resulting in catastrophic consequences.


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