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Compatible Instruments


HVA30, HVA30-5,






The following VLF models have Tan Delta integrated with the instrument
HVA28/TD, PD60-2/TD (HVA60), PD90-2/TD (HVA90)


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  Tan Delta Cable Diagnostics


Tan Delta/Dissipation Factor testing of MV cables is one of the most widely used and effective non-destructive methods of detecting aging and degradation in MV cables and HV Diagnostics is the leading provider of tan delta testing equipment for MV cables. HV Diagnostics have provided more VLF TD units than any other company.

The accuracy, ease of use, simple and effective reporting, together with their high level of application knowledge and support is what defines their company and products.

The TD Series provides the testing and commissioning engineer with a versatile high voltage tan delta measuring system suitable for testing electrical plant including cables: XLPE, PE, EPR, PILC etc, capacitors, switchgear, transformers, rotating machines, insulators and bushings.

HV Diagnostics TD30

Tan Delta Cable Diagnostics

HV Diagnostics TD60

Tan Delta Cable Diagnostics

HV Diagnostics TD90

Tan Delta Cable Diagnostics


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