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TD30 Tan Delta
Cable Diagnostics - Overview

The TD30 was the first small portable VLF TD system with wireless Bluetooth technology that really made performing TD testing in the field easy to perform. Compared to other TD systems on the market that required several connections to be made or were large and bulky, the TD30 requires very few connections and does not use any special batteries or fiber optic cabling that is prone to damage in the field environment.

The TD30 is designed to work with the HVA30, HVA30-5 and HVA34 VLF test systems making it suitable for testing 25kV and below cable systems. The unit is supplied with a host of accessories including rugged transport case, corona protection, Bluetooth dongle, jumper cable, ground cable, C type batteries and charger.

HV Diagnostics TD30 Tan Delta Cable Diagnostics

  • Perform advanced diagnostics on MV Cables according to
    IEEE 400 and IEEE 400.2
  • Suitable for testing 25kV cables and below.
  • Wireless Bluetooth Connection.
  • Minimum connection hookups.
  • Accurate IE-5 Resolution.
  • Excellent easy to use TD reporting.
  • Supplied with Free TD control center Software and FW upgrades.
  • Local LED indication for TD value range.
  • Leakage Current Guard Protection.
  • Sleep mode saves battery life.
  • Uses universal Type 'C' batteries.
  • Supplied in rugged transport case with all accessories.

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