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TD90 Tan Delta
Cable Diagnostics - Overview

The TD90 instrument allows users to perform advanced diagnostics, not only on medium voltage cables, but also on transmission class cables to assess their condition in a non-destructive way. The TD90 can help verify the cable's integrity, as well as, track cable insulation data over time. The Tan Delta unit sends information directly to a PC using wireless Bluetooth technology and includes software that can generate reports within minutes of completing a test.

The TD90 system is used with the HVA90 and HVA94 VLF test systems. The unit comes in custom cases for organization and  transport. The unit is supplied with a host of accessories including corona protection, Bluetooth dongle, jumper cable, ground cable type 'C' batteries and battery charger.

HV Diagnostics TD90 TAN Delta Cable Diagnostics

  • Perform advanced diagnostics on MV Cables according to
    IEEE 400 and IEEE 400.2
  • Suitable for testing 69kV cables and below.
  • Wireless Bluetooth Connection.
  • Minimum connection hook-ups.
  • Accurate IE-5 Resolution.
  • Excellent easy to use TD reporting.
  • Supplied with Free TD control center Software and FW upgrades.
  • Local LED indication for TD value range.
  • Leakage Current Guard Protection.
  • Sleep mode saves battery life.
  • Uses universal Type 'C' batteries.
  • Supplied in rugged transport case with all accessories.


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