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Model 1205 CXA TDR Time Domain Reflectometer

Model 1205 CXA TDR Time Domain Reflectometer

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Time domain reflectometers are often compared and referred to as 'radar' devices for cables as they generate pulses and then measure the reflections that may follow. In the case of cables, these reflections come from impedance changes along the length of the cable.

The impedance changes can be caused by normal parts of cable such as ends, taps, joints/splices, but TDRs are also able to locate cable faults, such as open or shorts. In addition, less subtle, but equally as important abnormalities in the cable system, such as concentric neutral corrosion or degradation, moisture ingress can be detected.

HV Diagnostics 1205 CXA TDR

Time Domain Reflectometer


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