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In-Service-CT Test and 3-Phase Meter Test for All Meters
6000 Bird Dog Plus for
CT  & 3-Phase Testing


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In-Service-CT Test and 3-Phase Meter Test for All Meters

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This true 3-phase Bird Dog Plus tester enables you to determine the accuracy of any meter in the field - from Form 1 through to Form 17. Electronic sensors allow you to automate the test to gain the highest accuracy.

The process is fast, simple, and much less expensive than a portable test board for the meter test and still perform ratio and burden tests on your CT's.

Spinlab 6000

Bird Dog Plus for CT Test and 3-phase Meter Test

Spinlab 6000-SR1

Automatic Sensors for Meter Pulse / Rotation Detection

Spinlab 6000-SG1

SpinGraph SE Custom Reporting & graphing program


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