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200ADM-P 200A Current Injection System with Phase Shift


200ADM-P 200A Current Injection System with Phase Shift


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DVS3 Digital Voltage Source


Optional Delta-Star Supply Transformer


Optional Delta-Star Supply Transformer


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T&R Test Equipment - Logo 200A-3PH/ED 3-Phase Current Injection System - Overview

T&R Test Equipment is a market leader in the field of current injection equipment. The range includes single phase units with 50 Amp up to 6000 Amps output capability and three-phase systems up to 200 Amp. All have true RMS metering, a flexible timing system, and an easy to understand user interface.

The 200A-3PH/ED test system provides commissioning and maintenance engineers with a compact, portable, and flexible system for testing protective relays, circuit breakers and thermal overloads. The unit is equally at home testing solid state or electro-magnetic relays, and has a rating suitable for testing thermal trips.

The 200A-3PH/ED has independent true rms digital metering for each output with independently selectable ranges. The outputs are isolated and independently variable and allow the injection of currents up to 200 Amps. The outputs are protected by electronic over-current trips and fuses.

The timing system on the 200A-3PH/ED is flexible and exceptionally easy to use, allowing trip times to be measured to a high degree of accuracy. Units with auxiliary contacts may be timed using the NC or NO timer modes, and devices with no auxiliary contacts may be timed using the current operated mode.

200A-3PH/ED 3-Phase Current Injection System

  • 0 to 200 Amps 3-phase output.
  • Accurate true RMS digital metering.
  • All outputs fully isolated.
  • Multi-function 1ms resolution timing system.
  • Auxiliary AC output.
  • Electronic over-current protection.
  • Compact and portable.

The unit is ideal for testing the following devices:

  • Over and under current relays
  • IDMT relays
  • Thermal overloads
  • Magnetic circuit breakers

The unit may also be used in conjunction with the DVS3 digital voltage source to test protection systems requiring three voltages and three currents. Protection that may be tested in conjunction with the DVS3 includes:

  • Directional relays
  • Distance protection
  • Power relays and transducers

Ordering Information

T&R Test Instruments 200A-3PH/ED

3-Phase Current Injection System, supplied with:  Output Lead Set, Mains lead,
Spare fuse set, and Operating manual. (see included lead set description below)


Note: The 200A-3PH/ED instrument is supplied with an Operating manual, Mains lead, Spare fuse set, and a 5 meter 200AL/3PH output lead set (as per lead set specifications below).

200AL/3PH Lead Set Specifications
Six (6) 5meter x 25mm2, 200 Amp leads terminated in M10 fork crimps.
One (1) 5 meter 2-core auxiliary lead terminated in 4mm plugs.
One (1) 5 meter 2-core auxiliary lead terminated bare ends.
One (1) reinforced plastic wallet.


Optional Accessories

T&R Test Instruments Delta-Star

Delta-Star Supply Transformer

T&R Test Instruments DVS3

Digital Voltage Source


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